Accepted Papers

Cornelia Davis
What if the Web Were Not RESTful?

Jakob Strauch and Silvia Schreier
RESTify: From RPCs to RESTful HTTP Design

Christoph Szymanski and Silvia Schreier
Case Study: Extracting a Resource Model from an Object-Oriented Legacy Application

Markus Lanthaler and Christian Guetl
On Using JSON-LD to Create Evolvable RESTful Services

Ruben Verborgh, Thomas Steiner, Davy Van Deursen, Sam Coppens, Joaquim Gabarro and Rik Van De Walle
Functional Descriptions as the Bridge between REST APIs and the Semantic Web

Mike Amundsen
From APIs to Affordances: A New Paradigm for Web Services

Kewei Duan, Julian Padget, Hyunsun Kim and Hiroshi Hosobe
Composition of Engineering Web Services with Universal Distributed Data-Flows based on ROA

Vlad Stirbu and Yu You
Experiences Designing Hypermedia-Driven and Self-Adaptive Web-Based AR Authoring Tools