8:30-10:00 Session 0 - Keynote (Chair: Cesare Pautasso)

10:30-12:00 Session I - Hypermedia and Model-Driven Development (Chair: Erik Wilde)

  • Olga Liskin, Leif Singer and Kurt Schneider:
    Teaching Old Services New Tricks: Adding HATEOAS Support as an Afterthought (30 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

  • Thomas Steiner and Jan Algermissen:
    Fulfilling the Hypermedia Constraint via HTTP OPTIONS, The HTTP Vocabulary In RDF, And Link Headers (Short Paper, 15 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

  • Silvia Schreier:
    Modeling RESTful applications (30 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

13:30-15:30 Session II - Frameworks (Chair: Cesare Pautasso)

  • Dave Duggal and William Malyk:
    A Resource Oriented Framework for Context-Aware Enterprise Applications (30 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

  • Cornelia Davis and Tom Maguire:
    XML Technologies for RESTful Services Development (30 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

  • Joseph Kaylor, Konstantin Laufer and George Thiruvathukal:
    RestFS: Resources and Services are Filesystems, Too (30 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

16:00-17:00 Session III - Security (Chair: Erik Wilde)

  • Sebastian Graf, Vyacheslav Zholudev, Lukas Lewandowski and Marcel Waldvogel:
    Hecate, Managing Authorization with RESTful XML (30 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

  • John Field, Stephen Graham and Tom Maguire:
    A Framework for Obligation Fulfillment in REST Services (30 min)
    (Paper, Slides)

  • Kevin Page and David De Roure:
    REST and Linked Data: a match made for domain driven development? (Short Paper, 15 min)
    (Paper, Slides)