Keynote by Sam Ruby, Apache and IBM

Willful Violations

While the success of the web could not have been possible without the application of the REST principles, this alone was not sufficient. Poorly defined but widely adopted open formats played an equally pivotal role. Formats and uses thereof that "willfully violate" core principles of the web, and succeed because not despite such violations. Formats that are themselves documented as standards and these standards themselves are routinely, and willfully, violated.
The presentation will identify and explore a number of specific violations, and describe both the motivations and consequences (most intended and unintended) of the web as it is practiced today, however imperfectly, but unquestionably usefully.

About the speaker

Sam Ruby is a prominent software developer who has made significant contributions to many of the Apache Software Foundation's open source software projects, and to the standardization of web feeds via his involvement with the Atom web feed standard and the web service. He currently holds a Senior Technical Staff Member position in the Emerging Technologies Group of IBM. He is a co-chair of the W3C's HTML Working Group. Sam Ruby is the co-author, with Leonard Richardson, of the book RESTful Web Services and also co-author, with Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson, et al., of the book Agile Web Development with Rails.