Accepted Papers

Full Papers:

  • Marc Hadley, Santiago Pericas-Geertsen and Paul Sandoz. Exploring Hypermedia Support in Jersey
  • Antonio Garrote Hernández and María N. Moreno. A Formal Definition of RESTful Semantic Web Services
  • Ian Jacobi and Alexey Radul. A RESTful Messaging System for Asynchronous Distributed Processing
  • Petri Selonen, Petros Belimpasakis and Yu You. Developing a ReSTful Mixed Reality Web Service Platform
  • Leonard Richardson. Developers Enjoy Hypermedia, But May Resist Browser-Based OAuth Authorization
  • Federico Fernandez and Jaime Navon. Towards a Practical Model to Facilitate Reasoning about REST Extensions and Reuse
  • Savas Parastatidis, Jim Webber, Guilherme Silveira and Ian Robinson. The Role of Hypermedia in Distributed System Development

Short Papers:

  • Mike Kelly and Michael Hausenblas. Using HTTP Link: Header for Gateway Cache Invalidation
  • Charles Engelke and Craig Fitzgerald. Replacing Legacy Web Services with RESTful Services
  • Vlad Stirbu. A RESTful Architecture for Adaptive and Multi-device Application Sharing

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